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Designed by a famous designer, it also proves office space on the ground levels. Miami Beach is a world all to itself. Not just for the fact that it has the most beautiful weather, beaches and neighbors, but it also lives up to its reputation as part of the city that moves at an extreme pace. Even if you go to the most outer regions of the world, people will recognize the brand that is . Our concierge can take care of all of your needs like travel arrangements, reservations to one of the many world class restaurants in , or tickets to your favorite event, they would be happy to accommodate you. It offers apartments with and bedrooms floor plans.

New businesses and families are moving to this vibrant place to live. Outside its popularity for a vacation spot, a large number of people call home. Kallisto Miami Beach is a great place to live and we would love for you to give you the opportunity to prove it to you, contact us today. Miami Beach was settled in the 1850’s by early pioneers and growing to become Miami Beach’s premier neighborhoods as it is now become one of the largest financial districts in the United States. With Kallisto Miami Beach just minutes away, you’re right on top of world class restaurants, a large grocery store, quick eateries, and designer label shopping. Miami Beach is currently populated with among of the highest and amazing condos Miami Beach developers have ever built.